Another week of Greek lock-down at the Alimos Marina, and the bushy mops on the boys heads can wait for scissors no longer!.. We rent a car to go shopping and try to get a visa extension for Tim.. The Offices are still closed! So.. we take the car sight seeing and visit the Acropolis and the Temple of Poseidon.
Week six (or so..) or the Great Greek Lock-down. Days roll into each other separated by meals and walks and yacht work.. and of course walks, cuddles and entertainment with Lucy. Some people wondered and coughed at just why would we go to the great trouble and huge expense to bring our dog sailing with us?.. well, even though her air-fares cost more than ours all together , she has already well earned her keep in helping keep up moral during these frustrating times in Greece. As you will see on this video she is deeply embedded in our family and a member we simply couldn’t be without! This week we also test the new generator and Tim cooks up a storm in the galley!
Life goes on here in Athens, stuck, Locked-down on the marina. We have met some wonderful new friends just 1 pier away who are giving the kids art classes. Nina finds a baby turtle on one of our walks.Tim shares a tip on cheap environmentally friendly shaving and theres another free lesson Yoga Lesson with Silke uploaded exclusively for your Patreons
This week we endure strong Northerlies at the marina, bringing pollen and red dust from the Sahara which coats the yacht. We send Luca up the mast of a neighbor to replace a mast light . Tim shows what gear we have onboard that we use to shoot and produce our videos and Silke begins her weekly Yoga Classes. With all the lockdowns happening things like Yoga studios have been closed also. Silke is a qualified Yoga teacher so will be running a Youtube class eash week from Polly (or where ever her yoga mat lays.)
With all the lockdowns happening things like Yoga studios have been closed also. Silke is a qualified Yoga teacher so will be running a Youtube class eash week from Polly (or where ever her yoga mat lays.). These will be available through our patreon channel at a cost of just US$2/ session. These are of course free for our existing Patreons as a bonus. Yoga subscribers will also have access to our weekly Yacht Life videos also. —————————————————————————————————————– Subscribe now at (cancel at any time)
A wee insight as to how we can still make Barista quality Espresso coffee on board Polly during the lockdown
This week we are still locked down in Greece at the marina with two weeks still to go. A bit like ground hog day we try to stay busy with chores like washing and cleaning. Its both Tim & Silkes birthdays.. so we celebrate and take you on a guided tour of Polly. A Honda generator makes it to us via courier while our watermaker is still in limbo.. somewhere in transit?
This is week one of our 4 week isolation period at the Alimos Marina in Greece. The Corona virus is under control here with authorities taking stern measures to protect its citizens. So we busy ourselves with domestic chores, walks, yacht work and … eating…. Data is very expensive here in Greece and we thank our patreons for your help in funding the creation of these videos and their upload.
Unbelievably we all make it to Greece as the border gates slam shut behind us.. very stressful and emotional times for us all.
This week Tim makes it back to Greece to prepare Polly for the family’s arrival two weeks later. A large list of boat work to work through but what wasnt in the plan was the Corona Virus shut down. This meant delays in work and the very scary possibility that Silke, Nina, Luca and Lucy may not be allowed to travel to Greece!
This week we see how well Polly flies!.. during her land and sea survey.. passed with flying colours.
If you wonder why on earth we decided to take Lucy our Foxie, then take a look at just how much we mean to her ( and her to us) as she greets Tim after being away for two weeks. She was beside herself.
Tim is in Greece to buy the new family home with sails. Christmas and New Year sees alot of holidays in Athens so things take time to get sorted.
Its Official ! Theres no turning back.. here’s what we are are doing!
Level 3 Skippers Course . Auckland
Crazy camera angles with the Insta360

Season ZERO, season One is yet to begin!

Level TWO Skippers Course Auckland – Kawau Island , New Zealand
Delivery of brother Paul’s Yacht Rory Mhor. Opua, Bay of Islands to Auckland.