Aerial Pano Tour of Anchorages

Just like I did in New Zealand with which has over 150 spherical aerial panoramas, I will be shooting many aerial views from the drone and linking them in a tour

This starts here >> In Alimos, Athens, Greece where we purchased our yacht from and then onto nearly all the places we anchored. See the list below in the order we visited.

Just like us, you can “follow-your-nose” and Click on the WHITE CROSS HAIR to follow our journey and click on the map icon to see where it is (and click again to hide map) or go to the list of locations below.

Alimos Marina, Athens, Greece




  1. Aktur
  2. Kuyulu
  3. Keci
  4. Selimiye
  5. Palamute
  6. Knidos
  7. Kargi Koyu
  8. Bozburum
  9. Bozburum Cutting
  10. Bozukkale
  11. Icmeller
  12. Marmaris
  13. Marmaris – Adakoy
  14. Buyukaga
  15. Yavansukoyu
  16. 20 Fathoms Bay
  17. Tomb Bay
  18. Gocek
  19. Ciglik Koyu
  20. Fethiye
  21. Gemiler Adasi
  22. Oludeniz
  23. Butterfly Valley
  24. Double Cave Bay
  25. Kizil Adasi
  26. Yassica Adalari
  27. Dis Gobun Koyu
  28. Bodrum
  29. Bodrum (Dusk)
  30. Gumusluk
  31. Turtle Beach
  32. Boynuzbuku
  33. Cleopatra Pools
  34. Wall Bay
  35. Bucak Deniz
  36. Asak Koyu
  37. Kakova
  38. Kakova Roads
  39. Kakova West
  40. Asirli Adasi
  41. Demre
  42. Kalekoy
  43. Uçağız
  44. Finike
  45. Cavus Koyu
  46. Boncuklu Koyu
  47. Phaselis Bay
  48. Gokkaya Limani
  49. Kucuk Kuyruk
  50. Turunc Buku
  51. Datca
  52. Aquarium Bay
  53. Bitez Koyu
  54. Catalada
  55. Kargıcak
  56. Cokertme (post fire)
  57. Stop Over Bay
  58. Pabuk
  59. Kleopatra Beach
  60. Karaca

GERMANY (overland)

  1. Ramsin
  2. Rerik
  • These panorama’s are made to be immersive and there’s no better way to put yourself right into the picture than with VR Goggles.
  • Ruud van Reenen from VRTourviewer has kindly supplied me with the amazing app to view these Aerial panorama’s on my Samsung VR Goggles

Check it out here at

Ive been making aerial panorama’s pretty much since Ive been flying drones and when VR Goggles came about I bought the Samsung VR Gear Goggles. Then went searching for a VR Tour viewer. Rudd van Reenean has built an amazing app to run inside Oculus (and other Goggles & devices) which virtually places you RIGHT underneath the drone. Its effortless and totally immersive with the goggles on and navigating around the tour with a hotspot “gunsite” is amazing. Support via his site’s Live Chat is fantastic also.
Tim Whittaker – Professional Aerial Photographer & Film maker