About Us

We are a family of 5 from New Zealand. Tim (Papa), Silke (Mama), Luca (14yrs old), Nina (11 yrs old) and Lucy (Foxie dog).

For the last few years we have spent many weekends, holidays and Christmas’s on our small trailer yacht Sun Dancer on a North Island Lake called Rotoiti. Its been our sanctuary from this crazy busy life we lead and was the inspiration in choosing our big adventure together.

We decided that, although not having investments, properties or savings, we would sell up everything we own (yes… EVERYTHING), and choose a different lifestyle for a few years.

Silke is a yoga teacher, sound healer and reiki master (who moved to NZ in 2003 from Germany) , Tim a photographer and running two successful businesses is no easy task, not to mention maintaining a happy healthy home & family. We seemed to cross paths briefly each day during the week and spend our weekends equally busy catching up on sports and housework. Weeks, months and years fly by without real meaning.

There are so many things we want to do and could say “we will do them in a few years when we have time or money”. It seems though, neither might happen. Aside from the inevitable that we would get older and perhaps no longer have the children with us to share this adventure.

Aside from seeing more of the world and spending time in nature, quality time together to really bond as a family is a massive priority for Silke and myself. It seems that the internet, outside pressures and our crazy lifestyle working to pay taxes, insurances, mortgages etc. is something we’d just like a break away from. I have been working since the age of 16, now 54, over 1,250,000 photos taken. I think its time for a pause.

Even from the start, this adventure has tested our hearts and minds. Selling everything. The only home our kids have known, all our books and CD’s, stereo’s and knic-knacks collected over decades. Our cars and our wee yacht.

Both our our businesses are now wound up or sold. Its hard, given how much we have both committed to them. Saying goodbye to loyal customers and clients. This has to be total commitment for this to happen. Its scary – yet exciting!

We have to trust our abilities to grow and learn in our new lifestyle. Also trust we can work along the way to earn enough to continue the adventure safely.

We will be producing a video blog each week and Silke will hopefully find some work in Yoga teaching also, along with support through www.patreon.com we hope our adventure will last 4-5 years. If you are as excited as we are are – thinking what we are doing is inspiring, please consider becoming a patron. Just a gold coin donation would mean so much to us all.